PMD-WFP Joint Project

Strengthening of Early Warning System in Pakistan


Weather Monitoring System

Pakistan Meteorological Department is both a technical as well as scientific national organization & has unique responsibility in Early Warning System of the country. PMD is striving hard to implement new tools and technologies for developing meaningful Early Warnings and dissemination to various stake holders for effective DRM.
Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) thanks World Food Program (WFP) management and specially Mr. Girma MAKONNEN (Head DRR programs) for extending financial support in following areas.

  • Establishment of AWS data communication system through GPRS technology

Establishment of AWS Data Communication System through GPRS
The GPRS communication system developed with the financial support of WFP helped in minimizing the operational cost. Previously satellite communication was being used that was very costly following table depicts the impact about reduction in operational cost.


Monthly charges for satellite comunication for one message /  hr/ Site (24 observations per day)

Rs.  5500/=

Monthly GPRS data communication charges per site for on-line system with averaging 5 minute interval (12 message / hr  OR 286 Observations / day)

            Rs.  270/=

Average operational cost saving per site = 5500 / 270   (20 times

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With mutual Agreement Pakistan Meteorological Department & WFP have agreed to organize awareness workshops for journalists from print and electronic media for awareness raising and network development for future early weather updates disseminations in different parts of the country. Automatic weather stations (AWS) for Tharparkar district and DI Khan district will be installed to enhance drought monitoring. Under this initiative, GPRS communication system will be developed for near real-time reception of meteorological data being acquired at various parts of the country through AWS.

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